Oh god I just went to go see The Hobbit and AHHgklrjghksjbfsgkf what a great movie, holy hell it was so good. Annndd gonna stop it here because maybe spoilers.

Okay, so throughout the whole movie I just felt like sobbing quietly with happy tears. And to see Martin Freeman’s face again after so long was just greatajrghkjerg. I loved all the funny parts it had like all of Bilbo’s facial expressions and mannerisms evertime a new dwarf showed up at his door=priceless. The CG Animation was so good ohmygod I just then neck fat on the Goblin king was so jiggly and gross and just JHGkJHJsgvj ALL THOSE DETAILS. It makes me so happy to see how far and detailed and realistic we as artists can make things as we progress in the future. SIGHHH. My favourite Dwarf was Fili, he’s just so cute and adorable and his face and his hair. He has lovely eyes and looks huggable and hes silly and just sob, all the dwarfs I love how they all looked I just kgjhjg Like all their BEARDS. and HAIRSTYLES. and PERSONALITIES. I feel kind of bad because I have never read The Hobbit (don’t hate me please I’ll read it, I’ll read it) I really loved all the music throughout the movie, especially Over The Misty Mountains Cold, its just so beautiful and emotional and oh god, I’m sorry I just really liked this movie. THE ENDING THOUGHT. SEEING THE DRAGON. THEN CREDITS? What was that. That’s horrible. PETER JACKSON YOUR EVIL. E     V     I      L     L          L.

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